Pumpkin Distribution

How do we get your pumpkin from A to B.

  1. You can come to the farm and collect your own pumpkin. We don’t have a pumpkin patch, so you cant pick your own, but they will be available on week days, at the farm.  You could pick up a chunk of cheese as well!! We do NOT deliver individual pumpkin or even small quantities.
  2. For slightly more, up to a 100, we can net them and they can travel in the back of a van or truck if you want to collect them, but we DONT deliver
  3. For 100 or more we can pack them into pallet bins and you can either collect with your own transport, or we can deliver and the pallet cost will be £75.
  4. For larger quantities of more than 100, we can deliver with our own lorry or get approximately 3000 on artic.